2023 reflections and setting intentions for 2024

We are heading into the New Year in just a few hours. For me, that means reflecting over the past year, evaluating my happiness and setting new intentions for the coming year. There are things in 2023 that I thought would happen, that didn’t, and things I never thought of, that happened. 2023 has been a year full of surprises, spontaneity, great people, memorable moments and something that can definitely be described as hard work. I believe that it is important to reflect on the past year, because you can think back on your happy moments, your wins and your lessons, but also to use this past year, to set new intentions for the coming new year, that is probably filled up with expectations already.

To get you started, here are a few questions to ask yourself about 2023:

  • A year ago, what were my expectations for 2023?
  • How did the year, overall turn out?
  • What was the most memorable moment in January? February? March? April? Etc. …
  • What is your greatest achievement each quarter?
  • Who were there for me this year? Are there some people in my life that stands out?
  • The state that I am in now, what is my definition of happiness, and am I happy how I live my life now?
2019 Planner


Setting intentions for 2024

I am a fan of setting intentions, rather than huge goals. Intentions are more like directions to your where you ultimately want to be. 2023 taught me that life happens, new unexpected opportunities occur, and the new year usually doesn’t go exactly as planned. Therefore, set your intentions for 2024, on what you, yourself can control. Then you can write down smaller goals for one quarter at a time. Those quarterly and half-year goals are often more realistic and gives you the opportunity to actually reach them.

To get you started on your intentions for 2024, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What surroundings or situations make me the most happy?
  • Where do I ultimately want to be? #lifegoal
  • What steps can I make in 2024 to get me closer to where I ultimately want to be?
  • What change in behavior can I make, to follow through?

Planning - a key to achievements

The reason that I created the byallthings planner was that I needed a tool, to keep me sharp and on task throughout each day. I unsuccessfully tried to find a planner that suited my needs, and therefore I created one, after what I needed. For me, that is the half-year planner, with a day a page. As you might can imagine, my days can sometimes be a little crazy, as an entrepreneur of 4 companies. Therefore, I had a little debate with myself this fall, if there would be a 2024 planner or not, but I concluded that I cannot do what I do, without it - so of course the will be a 2024 planner. 

As you know, when you plan for it, it is more likely to come true. 

I wish you all a Happy New Year.