Anna, the Founder


I have always been a person who enjoy having things to do - I am a "can do"-person. I like lists and I like staying organized. Last year in 2015, I created a folder for a week. Containing a top 3 to-do list, dinner, ratings of the day, a couple of questions to reflect about my days and stay organized. It worked for me and lasted a couple of months. 

However, the summer of 2016 I found that I had a hard time staying organized. I read a Time Management book and was inspired to create a planner on my own. I wanted to create a planner for 6 months, with detailed planning. One that would fit more people than just myself. In this period, when I was inspired, I went ahead and created the whole planner the way I wanted it to be. I wanted a system with calls to be made and a flexible schedule. As people’s days are different; mine would start at 5am, someone else's start at 10am. Also a daily 'to be done' list, and last but not least, weekly reflections. The reflections are there because it is highly important to take time to reflect on each day and week that pass. Before you forget; "what went right", "what went wrong", "should I do somethings different next week". Also a rating at the end to easily compare each week to one another. If the rating has been bad too many weeks in a row, you know you need to make changes. 

"One way to get your priorities accomplished, is to schedule them into your calendar" - Lee Cockerell

Every half year when I feel the most inspired I go to the store and buy a huge white cardboard. I draw, I write, I put down all my priorities, thoughts, ideas, inspirational quotes and other stuff to motivate me. Last fall I did this as well and something stuck with me, and I have been trying to live by it every day since. I put down " +>- " as to say to myself, that "no matter how difficult things seem, or how afraid you are of doing something, the positive is always greater". It makes sense and it turned out to become the logo for this business. Not only to serve as a logo, but to bring a message to our customers as well.

"Go for it!"

After the summer I walked around with this planner I was going to make. I was a little afraid of what people would think, if it was a bad idea or not. I remembered that "no matter how afraid of it you are, the positive is always greater" and I decided to tell people about it. Then I got encouraged to bring it into life.

This is all entrepreneurship in action, going from my own needs, taking people on board with me that believe in the message as much as I do, and bringing the idea to a reality. There is much to come and we are planning to spread this message to as many people as we can. 

Remember to stay positive!