5 steps to mentally prepare for time-off

Summer is nearly here, and to mentally prepare for a relaxing summer, go

Summer is nearly here. Some of you might take several weeks off, some of you just a couple of days, and some of you might work the whole summer through in some kind of way. Either or, summer is a perfect time to stop up and take a look backwards before looking forward. Many use a whole week to get into vacation mode, and before you know it, summer's over. I believe that these 5 steps can help you get faster into vacation mode and get into your re-charging the 1st day of your time off. 

1. Reflect

Think about where you are now, and where you were just 6 months ago. Are you where you thought you would be? What have changed? Are you happy how things turned out and the direction you are headed? If your are not happy with how things turned out, or the direction you are headed; looking back, are there anything you could've done different to steer you into the direction of your dreams?

Write it down, in your planner, notebook og on your computer. It's always nice to look at another time. 

2. Review your goals

If you wrote down your goals in January, you should review them now. 

- Which of the goals did you reach?

- What did you specifically do right, so that you were able to achieve them?

- For the goal/s you didn't reach, why? Is there a specific habit, routine or action that prevented your from reaching your goal? Was the goal too big or not broken down enough? What can you learn from this when writing new goals? 

3. Declutter

This is not meant for you to declutter your belongings - but if you feel like it, go ahead. I'm talking about decluttering your agenda, ToDo-list and much more. We can have several things going on at the same time, but it is all happening inside our head. Things to do, things to get done, people to call, books to read, events to be planning etc. One mistake is to carry all of these things in your head. They are making a mess and do nothing good for you. Being unorganized in your head, can lead to higher lever of stress and the feeling of not having the time. So declutter your "things to do". 

- First, grab a piece of paper create a new note on your phone or computer. 
- Then, write down everything you can think of that you have to get done, no matter if it is today or a year from now. 
- Categorize it into i.e. Family, work, hobbies, people; then write a deadline behind when it must be done. 
- Are there any repeating tasks there? Does it repeat itself once a year, every month, or every three months? Schedule it right into your digital calendar and turn on repeat. 
- If you own a planner. Maybe the byALLTHINGS Printouts or 2017/1 or /2, OR another planner, you have monthly overview: Write down the tasks into the monthly overview. Try to spread it out; maybe you can finish something earlier? 
- Many of the items on your list are things that you probably should do with the next 2 weeks. (it usually is). Take a look at the list, and set the amount of time it would take to complete it next to the task. 
- The ones taking longer than 5 minutes, schedule it right into you calendar. Either directly onto a day in you planner, or as an item in you digital calendar. 
- The tasks taking less than 5 minutes - do them NOW. 

4. Set goals

Great, you have reflected on how you have done for the past 6 months, and you are in total control of all your "things to do" list. Hopefully you are feeling a little lighter. Especially after finishing all your 5 minutes taks. Good job!!

- Now, where would you ultimately want to be? Where do you live? What do you do? How do you look? Write it down with max 2 sentences. (This one ultimate goal can change over time). 
- What are the different steps to do, to get there?
- What can you do today to move you in the right direction? 
- Set goals that move you in the right direction, but make it realistic, so that you are able to achieve them at the end of the next six months. Now that it is realistic, add a little to it, so that you can really stretch yourself. Have goals for different things; career, relationships, money, health and maybe a hobby or passion of yours. 

5. Plan and schedule. 

Having written down your goals, next thing to to, is to break it down. What are the actionable steps to do to make it happen? Are the 6 smaller goals to break it down to? Then break the monthly goals into weekly goals, and the weekly goals into small actionable steps. The small actionable steps; Schedule them right into you planner or calendar. These are non-negotiable, and must get done. 

When you now have scheduled everything, you are in more control of things that needs to get done, you have transported all of the items you had inside your head onto paper or computer, and you are now able to really relax and enjoy your time off, from day 1. 

Have a great summer. 

Best // Anna