Quality, Positive Living & Time Management by My

Name: My Strömberg
Age: 24
Linköping, Sweden

What is good quality to me?

To me quality is in the details. I love it when I buy products or a service and they already thought one step further than I could imagine. When the product has a feature that I didn’t even knew I needed, that is quality to me. It brings somethings extra in my life. 

What does it mean to me to live a positive life?

A positive life for me is when I feel in control. When I feel that I am in the driver seat of my life. When the expectations of others and myself match up. When I feel like I am being challenged but not pushed over the edge.

What do I do to manage my time?

I plan and I plan some more. I love planning. I can’t sleep if I do not plan my days ahead. I feel that If I plan I get more done and then I automatically get more out of my life. Also by writing everything down I easily get an overview over my days and then it is easy for me to see If I have taken on too much or if I can do some more.