How to set effective goals for 2017

Work for it

If you want to achieve something, you need to know what it is - this is where goals come in. By setting your goals, you are also deciding on your successcriterias; How, what and when have you reached your goals? When did you succeed?

But it's not that easy - you can't simply put down: I want this and that to happen. You also need to execute, write down simple steps and maybe some checkmarks along the way. 

One of the reasons the half-year planner is so great is the fact that it is only for half a year, which makes the goals that you set for yourself more realistic. People usually overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. I believe the reason for that is because it is a whole year ahead, and you do not know what months 7-12 will bring, but you do have a clear view on the next 5-6 months. That is the reason that our 2017/1 planner is for 6-months, and not 12. We want you to succeed. In the planner there are Monthly To-Do's that you can check off, and put a deadline on it - so to make it easier to plan your way to success. 

This is my tips on how to set yourself up for success the next six months. 

To set effective goals for 2017, there are 4 things you need to do. 

1. Ask yourself the following questions:
     a) Where is it that you ultimately want to be/achieve when it comes to: Career, family, Health and other areas (traveling, hobbies, education etc.)
     b) Why do you want to be there / achieve that? (Make sure that the motivation behind is truly yours). 
     c) How can I get to where I want to be? What steps do I need to take?
     d) Which of the steps can I do this January? February? March? April? May? June?
     e) If I do these steps each month, where will I be in the end of June?
     f) Add a little extra to the former question - and the write it down

2. Now you have your goals written down
     - You now have the goals that you can achieve within 6 months. Question a) is where you ultimately want to be, and the answers for question f) are your goals for the coming 6-months. 
     - Now, write your answers from question f) in the beginning of your planner, and the answers for question a) in the back of the calendar. 

3. Write down all the action steps
     - Now, go to January in you planner, and write down the steps that you need to take in January in order to reach your goals. Do this for each month. 
     - If needed, write down on specific dates as well, to remind yourself. I.e. on the reflections-page, to remind yourself to reflect on how you did on that particular point. 
     - Break down the main monthly steps, info small tasks/goals.
I.e. What do you need to read each week/day, to get through your study book, or how often do you need to exercise in order to loose those 5 pounds? What can you do that Wednesday for your loved one?

4. Take action and do what is needed
     - Follow through on you plan - and you will reach your goals. 


Do this, and I'll promise you that you will be more in control of your life, and your goals. Lets talk in June, to see where you got.. 

Have a positive Christmas holiday and New Years.