Remember to see the positive by all things!

About byallthings is based on the idea that our day-to-day lives need more of the good stuff. And for that to happen, getting organized is a good start. 

The planner was created to help you cope with your busy life. While at the same time taking care of what matters the most to you, helping you reflect and to be aware of the life you lead.

Anna, our founder, is a serial entrepreneur. To be able to get all things done, she searched for a tool to help her. But after months of searching she couldn't find what she wanted – or needed – in a planner. So why not just make her own?

The planner is based on our own needs. Its features are carefully selected to help us lead the life we want to live. It’s kind of selfish. But hopefully you will find the planner as great as we do.

byallthings is not just a planner or a webshop. We want to bring out all the small things in life – the things that really matter. To bring forward all the positive things that happen, and for you to reflect on the bad days that we are all bound to deal with sometimes. 

Summed up, our goal is to help you get the not-so-fun things done – in order to make room for the things you love. While at the same time keeping your head straight and your heart in the right place.

Getting things done and living a positive life

Anna Knudsen

I'm the founder of three companies, in three different industries.
That require that I get things done. 

The planner has become a necessity in my everyday life as an entrepreneur. 

But one of the best features in the planner, is the weekly and monthly reflections. I write down what happened that week, the ups and downs. Then I try to figure out how I can optimize my week to have a great week every week.