About us

 Remember to see the positive by ALL THINGS!

byALLTHINGS.com is based on the idea that our day to day lives needs more of the good stuff. To be able to live a positive life byALLTHINGS, being organized is the best way to start. That is why we have created the planner, to help you cope with your busy life. The planner was created out of our own needs, with the features that we could not find in any other planner.

Then we started to build on the idea, that ’byALLTHINGS’ is not just an online shop, but something more. It stands for bringing out the positive in life by ALL THINGS. We aim to bring you what you need, to help you build a positive life. A life that you can do more with and to help you spend life your way!  

Because the positive is always greater!


"Because the positive is always greater!"


Anna Knudsen


Founder / Designer