Quality, Positive Living & Time Management by Anna

Name: Anna Knudsen
Age: 24
From: Oslo, Norway

byALLTHINGS value quality. We try to live positive lives, and we know the importance of Time Management.

What is good quality to me?
I value quality - period. Quality to me is a lot of things. Theres quality in service, getting great, fast service is essential. In a product, the material is the deal-breaker as good material tells me something about how long the product will last. If the product or service is of high quality, it gives me a good feeling.

What does it mean to me to live a positive life?
To see possibilities rather than obstacles. To let go of concerns, and look forward rather than backwards. To be able to take a deep breath, instead of getting fired up by small obstacles in the everyday life. To realize that you have total responsibility over you own life.

What do I do to manage my time?
I am a big fan of planning, and I try to plan many things, both short term and long term. I try to figure out what time during the day I am able to focus the best, and set up my day after that. Time management is crucial for me to be able to do what I need to get done, and for me to reach my goals. Goal setting is important to have something to aim at.